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Fighting For ALL Students’ Rights! Retain Christopher Lewis, Ed.D. for WCS Board of Education

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My wife and I have lived in Williamston for 9 1/2 years. We have 2 daughters who attend the Williamston schools. I have been in the education field for over 20 years.

Chris LewisThis is my second time on the Williamston Community Schools Board of Education. The first time was in 2015 and then I was re-elected to the Williamston Community Schools Board of Education on Jan. 1, 2017 for a six-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2022. I currently serve as board Trustee and I chair both the Marketing and Communication and Board Goals and Superintendent Evaluation subcommittees. In addition, I am the board liaison to the District Comprehensive School Heath Committee. During this time enrollment has increased, test scores are up, we added new innovative programs, hired more social workers, and improved our financial situation. See Additional Accomplishments.

As a father of two, both students of WCS, I support policy 8011 (the basis for my recall) and policy 9260. The policies adopted late last year enable school staff to consistently and thoughtfully respond to students regardless of their gender identity. The policies highlight parental rights and student privacy and make it less likely that the district will lose a student to suicide or runaway.

My mission, as your school board member, continues to be:

  1. Enhance communication among all community members to help all understand what is happening within the schools.
  2. Ensure a safe, nurturing environment and a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.
  3. Continue to uphold quality academic standards that will challenge and support all students within our schools.
  4. Keep the balance of academics and extracurricular activities, which are essential for a well-rounded student.
  5. Practice sound fiscal management for the stability of our system.

Chris Lewis

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